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Our Story

First off, thank you for taking the time to drop by my little site.  I have wanted to start a dot com for years now to get some of my creativity out into the world, but have never seemed to have the time.  Little did I know it would take a pandemic for me to get my butt in gear.  When we found out my husband had lost his job due to Covid, we were devastated.  It hit us hard financially and I knew I needed to do anything in my power to generate more than my teaching salary.  I have been crafting for years; making tees and sweatshirts for my colleagues, family, and friends. It has felt like a natural progression to finally have an online shop to sell some of my merchandise. Honestly, my shop has helped my family get back on our feet and has kept my anxiety at bay.  Being able to create is so therapeutic for me.  I care so much about the products that I sell. My line of toddler tees and sweatshirts came to fruition after noticing that the majority of boutiques selling cute statement tees and sweatshirts were not affordable and their ads and marketing were not inclusive.  I want to make clothing for everyone and I want anyone who visits my site, a pop-up event, or a retailer that carries Milk & Daisy gear to feel represented when they see marketing for my brand.  That is so important to me.  My brand is all about inclusivity, affordability, and being over all uniquely cool.


Secondly, my name is Meg and I am a seasoned First Grade teacher here in Omaha.  I am also mom to an ever so curious 4 year old named Hank.  He is the cute little ginger boy you will see in my product photos.  Everything I do is for him.  I want him to be proud of his hard working mama. My husband Clark is now thriving in his new position as a medical recruiter.  His natural positivity and unwaivering support have been monumental in my business being successful.  We are midtown dwellers and we love our community dearly. Omaha is such a great city and I am always proud to call it home.



Why the name Milk & Daisy you ask? 

Well, I am a proud dog mom to a 12-year-old Maltese, named “Milk” after Harvey Milk and a 4 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Daisy. They are currently guarding our backyard from all squirrels and bunnies - and by guarding, I mean napping in the sun and barking sporadically.

Where can you shop Milk & Daisy gear in-store?

The Milk & Daisy Team at HutchFest 2023
Clark, Meg, Hank and Milk & Daisy
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